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Contact form you don’t like to use

Make sure you don’t scary your future client.

How to increase popularity of your OpenSource project?

Why one projects become more and more popular whilst others are not? Non-technical approach.

Bad messages 2

In the previous post I mentioned generally useful messages which can be annoying to visitors just due to way they were presented. Here I have two more messages. The first is something special: The second one is much more useful but the problem is the message cannot be closed despite it is very big: There’s […]

Pop-ups and messages: 7 ways to make them better

Are your messages annoying?

How to choose tap to reduce water bill?

Nowadays we have two main types of taps: with first you should turn around the handle to get some water: .. or lift a lever if you have the second type: Most widely used turning valves are: those you can turn 90 degrees angle, 180 degrees and multi-turn ones. Regardless of manufacturer, it’s impossible or […]

Need more clicks? Make it easy to click!

Buttons and other clickable elements on your website: make them more efficient!


User Interface, User Experience – those two areas are so close, and of course it’s easy to lose the idea that UI is not the same as UX. More about both of them in this article.

To switch or not to switch?

Switches and check-boxes on your page: make them better!

Winged Victory


My father was not just engineer but also inventor. He inculcated habits of looking for a way to improve what I see around. Well,  I saw hundreds of thousands  websites (20+years in IT), businesses, objects – and unlike majority I found perhaps millions of ways to improve. For many years I saw a lot possibilities to […]