Contact form you don’t like to use

Just one but really terrific example in this post:


Check the screenshot at the left. So, do you really need all this info in order to say ‘hello’ to a client? And indeed you cannot make a first call or send email to a client if you don’t know where s/he works? Moreover, zip code is critical info you cannot stand without, isn’t it?

Please get me right: the company name is really important when you work with a customer, but not for the first call!

On the other hand, ‘what is your question’ field is a small one-line text box instead of ‘textarea’ large enough to fit a few sentences. It looks like the company is more interested in your details than in what you want(ed) to say!

IMHO the contact form should look like this one. Noting requested what is not really necessary, even the name is not required (however, very important therefore present!) The text area can be resized, you’ll see ‘message sent’ text after submitting. Captcha, when you need it.

You can consider combining email and phone field into one if it’s applicable for your business, a visitor will fill it according to his/her preferences. I do not offer unpaid phone support so phone number wasn’t mentioned.

And of course, don’t forget to make sure your contact form really works – now and then.

May many happy contacts be with you!

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