RideCheap.me review

Today I have a website to review. Canada-based start-up RideCheap.me offers inter-city car-sharing rides. Well, let’s see…

It is one-page website because the main part is an app on your phone.

The page load starts with a splash/wait screen: spinning something. It is a bad practice, moreover, guys, you have a static webpage, why it is so slow so you want to use the annoying and not informative ‘wait screen’? One of the answers is: background deck image is ~0.7MB. Background!!! Perhaps the whole page except the background is smaller.

When you point at the circle your mouse shows you can click. Relax, you can click million times and nothing happens. The same if your mouse is over the proper text.

Those guys say you can pay to drivers with bitcoin. Hmmm, I’d like to see more details but there’s nothing about it.

Reading further…. One moment please, I have just read the same text! Just compare:

– vs. – 

“Awesome support”. sounds good, but wait a bit:

For your safety we develop an Alarm Button in app. Our community helps.

So, a young lady is in a car with a nasty driver, then harassment starts, the lady presses the button and what? Community helps! If that girl was my daughter I’d prefer she gets help from police, not community. On the other hand, if the lady started harassment then someone from community would be glad to help, I think! :)

A bit more about support: “You can always contact us for any matters.” Sounds good too. Have just tried to find a way to contact from the webpage but found email only. Hope the owners will engage a ticket system in the nearest future. It is definitely not the main thing for start-ups but it lets the owner to get feedback which won’t be lost in spam, cannot be deleted just by mis-clicking and – when you grow a bit more and hire someone – won’t allow your staff to ‘lose’ a claim or important info.

Scroll down a bit and here we again see something which should be clickable, but in fact is not:

What is absent and what I’d be glad to see on the page:

  • Unfortunately there’s no details about commission.
  • It’d be pleasant to see how much drivers and rides in my city for the last day/week – both at the webpage and in the app. Why? To know the app isn’t in my city yet, or if it is already there.
  • It is important to the passenger to see how many drivers are available right now.

That’s over for today, feel free to contact me if you need a review!

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