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Website review:

Hi All, today we have a website which belongs to a kind of L’homme orchestre: a person who says that he can do everything for your website: WP Developer, Designer, SMM & SEO guy etc etc. Ok, let’s see what we have here. I will not go deep in optimization, broken links etc – other […] review

Today I have a website to review. Canada-based start-up offers inter-city car-sharing rides. Well, let’s see… It is one-page website because the main part is an app on your phone. The page load starts with a splash/wait screen: spinning something. It is a bad practice, moreover, guys, you have a static webpage, why it […]

Splash screen on your website: KILL IT!

Long time ago, when internet was slow and browsers were stupid, we could see a lot of specially crafted pages which welcome you when you hit the website for the first time. At that stone age the splash screens were necessity: there was no other way to ask visitor which language s/heĀ  prefers or whether […]

Just button

Some people don’t like tests…or want to add some fun to your life.

Get more profit from your survey!

Are your surveys show customers are satisfied, but sales are languishing? Then your surveys are suck. You ask incorrect questions or don’t ask the correct ones (I do not consider those ignorant who don’t ask clients’ opinion at all). Examples: The most frequent error is one-question survey: Dear Client, you bought XYZ. What do you […]

Let’s add something new!

Imagine: today morning you’ve found your car has five golden wheels, square mossy steering wheel and windshield decorated with skeletons and kittens. Or better, your morning coffee (or tea) has noble blue color and tastes like a good umbrella? Or, even better, you open LinkedIn and see shiny new design? Well, the latest example is […]

The best auto-reload button

Possibility to reload a time-sensitive chart or a table without reloading the whole page is important. Here’s the most efficient way I’ve ever met.

Don’t let your website bark at visitors

If a visitor haven’t filled in your form properly then don’t punish but help with handy form validation

Demo version: how to do it wrong

Recently I met a few cases when the demo says ‘don’t buy it!’ even before I really opened the demo.

Feedback is super important!

Not only customers provides feedback to you but you provide feedback to the customers too. Make it positive!