Let’s add something new!

Imagine: today morning you’ve found your car has five golden wheels, square mossy steering wheel and windshield decorated with skeletons and kittens. Or better, your morning coffee (or tea) has noble blue color and tastes like a good umbrella? Or, even better, you open LinkedIn and see shiny new design?

Well, the latest example is a bit out of row: I don’t pay for it, unlike we usually do for car, coffee, and (for some of us) for Windows. And yes, I know the design was changed about a month ago :)

The new taste and new color were born deep in super-designers labs of super-companies, so why don’t you like your new tie out of quarter inch stainless steel? A bit heavy? Come on, it shines like mirror, isn’t it beautiful?

I believe you got the point. I can’t remember other industry in the World except IT where vendors change whatever they want without asking customers who pay whether they really need the change or not and, more important, without giving any possibility to stick with the old version and sometimes (hi LinkedIn!) without testing on real users – volunteers.

WHY? Omit free accounts, but for paid ones (hi, Windows start menu change!) – WHY?

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